Tennis Bag Review 2017

Tennis Bag Review 2017

Any serious tennis player knows how important it is to keep your gear organized and well kept. Having a tennis bag is arguably as important as the racquet itself and having a place to store the rest of your tennis essentials is key. We also understand that everyone’s needs are different depending on the type of gear you use on a daily basis. That is why we’ve compiled a diverse list of bags based on quality and performance but also a variety of different styles, sizes, and dimensions. While different enough to fit a wide range of needs, all the bags have similar qualities and are considered best sellers within the tennis bag category. When deciding, it’s best to think about how much space you will need. Consider what items you will want to carry in your bag along with the basics such as your racquet, tennis balls, a sweat towel, a water bottle, etc. Perhaps on certain days you’ll also need to keep an elbow brace and a change of clothes in tow, so consider all the options!

This list of eight is a compilation of all the best bags from the best brands in tennis. This is based on both player feedback and customer feedback. 

From basic to bougie here’s our rundown!

The Best Tennis Bags of 2017



With space for up to three racquets, hence the name, the Wilson Advantage II has a zippered accessory compartment for storing some extra personal items. With a padded handle and an additional padded shoulder strap if you prefer, this economical bag has all the basic functions of an effective tennis bag. Although very durable, this bag does not have much extra space for personal items and additional gear. This bag is perfect for players who want a high quality bag without all the bells and whistles of a larger, more intricate bag.


With great customer feedback, the Babalot Club Line X3 has space for up to 3 racquets and a small zipper compartment on the outside. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and a comfortable handle if you prefer to hand carry it. Perhaps the most basic on our list, this bag is a cheap and reliable option for any player.


With plenty of extra storage space for water, personal items, and a change of clothes, this Wilson model also hold a couple of your favorite racquets. This versatile bag is ideal for college students because it also has a designated space for tablets and/or a laptop. Although classic black is always a great option, this bag also comes in blue and red.


One of Amazon’s best sellers is the 2017 Wilson Federer Team Collection is, a RF design ideal for competitive tournament players. It’s a that’s sleek and efficient bag with the ability to carry up to 6 uncovered racquets and easy access pockets for storing your essentials. Last but not least, Roger Federer’s infamous signature adorns the outside pocket to give you the motivation you need.


This versatile bag is great for players on the go and has awesome customer feedback. At an affordable price, it is compact and lightweight with enough room to hold two racquets and plenty of extra compartments for storing personal items, clothes, and balls. At a low price this bag is minimal in size but has enough space to fit some additional items.


Another Amazon best seller is the BABOLAT CLub Line 6 Racquet Bag- a larger version of the BABOLAT Club Line X3. For slightly more, you can get maximized racquet space with a classically designed BABOLAT bag.


Choosing HEAD as your designated tennis bag brand is the best way to get a cheap bag without sacrificing usefulness. Although this isn’t a large bag with multiple compartments, the main compartment is spacious and can store up to three racquets with great storage organization. Additionally, the CCT insulation is effective for protecting racquets from any tension loss. 


With the BABOLAT Pure Aero you can bet your tennis racquets are always ready to use due to the Isothermic lining featured on the bag. This bag can hold up to three racquets with a middle compartment for either storing more racquets or additional gear. In addition, this bag has two additional compartments that are ventilated for storing dirty clothes. With an adjustable shoulder strap and padded handle as well, this bag is highly recommended for any active players.

Based on the materials used to produce this versatile and organized bag, the Wilson Tour V 14 bag is largely considered one of the best tennis bags today. Although on the expensive side, this bag lacks nothing. The bottom is reserved for storing an extra pair of shoes and any soiled clothing, that way they don’t come in contact with the other items in your bag. What makes this bag so special is the ThermoGuard 2.0 and Moisture Guard, which helps preserve the contents in your bag from any changes in temperature. This bag can hold up to nine racquets and can be worn as a backpack or carried. With almost perfect customer satisfaction rates, if you’re looking for the best in tennis bags, then you’ll certainly be satisfied with the Wilson Tour V 15.


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