Serena is a Tennis Super Hero After All

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Serena is a Tennis Super Hero After All

Just a couple of months ago I was talking about how Sharapova should shelf her fancy outfits. I used both Serena and Federer as examples of top players that had pretty much done away with fancy outfits and were just focused on winning. I referenced shiny, gold blazers from Federer and catsuits from Serena from an era gone by. I’m glad I was wrong!


Serena debuted at Roland Garros in an updated version of the catsuit that she wore approximately 17 years ago at the 2002 US Open. Although, this version feels more like a super woman version of that outfit. Serena agrees, she said it makes her feel like a super hero. I totally agree with her. She looks like she needs to star in her own Marvel Comics movie – I’d totally go watch that movie. During her straight sets first round win against Kristina Pliskova, it seemed as though she was literally flying around the court in that outfit. She looked aerodynamic and from the future. Also, apparently the material and design of the outfit is meant to prevent blood clots. I guess that’s an added bonus.


Given Serena has decided to go all in on her outfit after years of shelving super fancy outfits, I’m going to have to rethink my whole opinion on players who lose while wearing a fancy outfit. Win or lose, early or late at the French, if you win as many grand slams as Serena Williams has, you can step onto the court in whatever you want. Serena is the GOAT. Federer is going to need to step up his outfit game come Wimbledon.

Next up for Serena in round 2 will be 17 seed Ashleigh Barty. Although 17 in the world, I have a feeling Serena is going to come out swinging and beat Barty in straight sets. I see Serena getting into the second week. Once she’s in the second week, anything can happen.

Serena Williams French Open 2018 TennisPALSerena Williams French Open 2018 TennisPALSerena Williams French Open 2018 TennisPALSerena Williams French Open 2018 TennisPAL 05


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