Sharapova’s fancy tennis outfits – let’s retire them

Sharapova’s fancy tennis outfits – let’s retire them

I think Maria Sharapova should leave her fancy tennis outfits in the closet until she starts winning again. Nobody should lose in a fancy tennis outfit. It’s especially embarrassing when you lose in a fancy outfit to someone like 30-year-old Monica Nicolescu, ranked 75th in the world. This happened in the first round of this week’s Dubai WTA tournament.


Serena used to get all fancy with her outfits, but guess what, she came to beat you down, and would beat you down. To Maria’s credit, once upon a time, she used to come on the court with a fancy outfit and she would beat you down. Unless of course she ran into Serena, then she would get beat down pretty harshly.


Either way, it’s 2018 not 2006. This glam stuff doesn’t even matter anymore, it’s a bit of a distraction considering the great tennis we’re seeing from the top women and men for that matter. There should be a rule that unless you’re a top 10 women’s or men’s player, and have won some significant tournaments, like a Grand Slam or Master’s 1000 you can’t come out into the court with a fancy tennis outfit. I remember Federer wearing some fancy outfits during Wimbledon some years back, but that’s the GOAT. He could wear Yoga pants and he’d still beat 99% of players in straight sets. Here’s a couple of Fed’s hideously fancy outfits. I do remember being critical of his outfits and hoping he’d lose so he’d have to walk around in that silly outfit as the loser. Federer doesn’t lose though, I should have known better.

If Maria is not retiring, can we at least retire the fancy outfits she is showcasing while routinely losing in the 1st and 2nd round of just about every tier WTA tournament out there? Take a cue from the rest of the field, and wear the outfit of the moment. Las time I checked Halep was #1 and she’s wearing a standard Nike outfit along with a bunch of other women in the top 50. Yeah – that’s the top 50 Maria, the lot that has been consistently beating you down for the last year!


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