3 Reasons Serena Williams won’t win the 2020 US Open

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3 Reasons Serena Williams won’t win the 2020 US Open

As I stated in the “Top 3 Reasons Why Serena Will Win The 2020 US Open” all eyes will be on Serena during the run up to the US Open, as well as during the US Open. Not only is she American, but she’s also up against history in her quest for tying Margaret Court’s 24 Grand Slams.

I’ve given you the “Top 3 Reasons Why Serena Will Win the 2020 US Open” It is now time to look at the “Top 3 Reasons Why Serena Will Not Win the 2020 US Open.”

Reason #3 She’ll be rusty after a long layoff

This week she’s playing the Top Seed Open. This will be the first tournament she plays since losing in the third round of the Australian Open. That’s a long seven-month layoff from competitive tennis. Serena didn’t even attempt to play the exhibitions that were available starting in June. Many of the top women have been playing exhibitions in Eastern Europe and in the US. Also, there’s only a couple of weeks until the US Open. As one gets older it takes a bit more time to get back where you were from a competitive standpoint.

Reason #2 She will buckle under the pressure of winning

Fans or no fans, the gravity of the situation will be too much once again. Serena’s played in four Grand Slam finals in the last two years, only to fall flat in the last match. You have to believe those experiences will be in her head again. It will be tough to get over those losses, and her mental state will have to be 100% ready for the task at hand. The monumental pressure may be too much.

Reason #1 There’s more to tennis

She’s a mom and she’s got new priorities. As much as she longs to win that 24th Grand Slam, it’s possible that the laser focus to win it is not as much a priority to her as it is for the rest of the tennis world and its fans. Could it be that for Serena, yes, she really wants to win it, however, having so many other things that are amazing about her life, maybe deep down inside, it’s not that big a deal if she wins or doesn’t win.

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