3 Reasons Serena Williams will win the 2020 US Open

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3 Reasons Serena Williams will win the 2020 US Open

As we get closer to the start of the US Open, the biggest story won’t be all the absences plaguing the tournament. No, the biggest story by far will be whether Serena Williams can tie Margaret Court’s record of 24 Grand Slams.

3 reasons why Serena will win the 2020 US Open

Reason #3 No Fans

It’s been a roller coaster of a ride to watch Williams power through Grand Slam draws only to lose in the final. Some people argued that she was outplayed in these finals. That’s a fair assessment given the quality of the opponents she’s lost to. However, I just don’t buy that. I think Serena, even with her professionalism and experience, was a bit tight in these matches. Playing in front of packed stadiums with massive expectations from fans can’t be easy. No fans will ease this pressure and allow her to play freely.

Reason #2 Some tough players won’t be in the draw

Although the draw will be stacked with excellent players, the fact that some exceptional ones won’t be there will give Serena an edge. For example, Ashleigh Barty has stated she’s not playing. That’s one less exceptional player she doesn’t have to deal with. As we get closer to the US Open, there is a possibility more top players will decide not to show up.

Reason #1 She’s learned her lesson

Since coming back from giving birth to her daughter Olympia, Serena has come incredibly close to that 24th Grand Slam title. She reached both the Wimbledon Final in 2018 and in 2019, as well as reaching the US Open final in 2018 and 2019. That’s four Grand Slam finals in the last two years where she has come up short. Serena has some of the best coaching and support systems on the tour. This team has been with her for a long time, and I have to believe that they have done their homework on making sure that if she does get to the 2020 US Open final, the story will not result in another loss. Serena will be prepared mentally, emotionally, and technically to win.

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