Young Players to Bet on in 2020

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Young Players to Bet on in 2020

When it comes to rising stars in women’s tennis, there’s four youngsters that made significant strides in 2019, and which I think will battle it out for the top 10 in 2020. They are Amanda Anisimova #24, Dayana Yamstrenska #22, Marketa Vondrousova #16, Sofia Kenin #14. Notice that I’m leaving young players like Andreescu out of this, and this is because she’s already firmly established herself in the top 10. Regardless, Kenin is 21, Anisimova is 18, Vondrousova is 20, and Yamstrenska is 19. All very young, very strategic, and most importantly, very strong willed on court. None of these ladies like to lose. 


Let’s begin with Anisimova. She broke out at the French Open, reaching the semifinals. Additionally, she won her first WTA tour level event in Colombia. Both results are pretty impressive given that she accomplished both before turning 18 years of age. I expect big things from Anisimova in 2020. As she matures, she’s going to get stronger, more experienced and gain confidence. Her best shot in my opinion is her backhand, it’s absolutely deadly. 


Yamstrenska is a little different of a player than Anisimova. She doesn’t have the height but she’s got a ton of fight in her and loves to step into the ball on both wings and take the racket out of her opponent. Yamstrenska won two WTA level events in 2019 to follow up her first WTA title in 2018. That’s pretty impressive in the modern-day WTA where more mature and experienced players clean up on the titles.  


Now let’s look at Vondrousova, who out of the four newcomers is probably the most obscure out of the four players on this list. She doesn’t seem to have a very aggressive game, but she’s very steady, and an intellectual on court. A true strategist. This is one of the reasons she made it all the way to the French Open final in 2019. Expect to see more of her consistent game, especially on the clay in 2020.


Finally, we have Sofia Kenin, the scrappiest, and most energetic player out of the bunch. She refuses to back down and plays every point as if it was championship point. She’s one tough cookie to get through. She reached four finals in 2019, winning three of them. That’s a heck of a year for someone that finished #67 in the world in both 2017 and 2018. Something clicked with Kenin in 2019, and there’s no reason it will keep on clicking. 


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