WTA Schedule Leaked – Whoa Tennis!

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WTA Schedule Leaked – Whoa Tennis!

A WTA touring professional, Alison Van Uytvanck, leaked a screenshot of the proposed WTA Tour schedule for the rest of the year. And whoa, what a tightly stacked sandwich of tennis it is! In two short months, between August and September, five massive tournaments are proposed to be held. We will have the opportunity to see Cincinnati, the US Open, Madrid, Rome and Roland Garros in those eight weeks. What a glorious eight weeks of tennis it would be!

Depending on how the prize money will be restructured, these two months could go down as the biggest paydays in tennis history. Additionally, the two months could also ultimately decide the year end rankings and have massive repercussions for seedings for the first half of next year, with guaranteed spots at the Australian Open, Roland Garros and Wimbledon.

So, imagine if a top 50 tennis player gets hot in these two months and posts some solid results? It’s entirely possible, especially for a field that has been stuck at home for four plus months. I could see top 10 players come out and perform poorly, while lower ranked players come in to take advantage. Most of these top players have been without their coaching staff all this time. They are rusty. Lower ranked players have been training as they always do, with limited resources. If you are a lower ranked player, this would be the perfect opportunity to pick up points and prize money.

What players should we be in the lookout for then? I would bet good money on seeing players like Danielle Collins and Alison Riske take advantage of this situation. These are players that have upset the natural order of the top ten in the past. Collins posted a semifinal appearance at the Australian Open last year while Alison Riske posted a Quarterfinal appearance at Wimbledon. Also, these two have already been competing in exhibitions and are as hungry as anyone.

I know what you’re thinking. Sure, they have shown some glimpses of greatness, but could they really win a Grand Slam. Absolutely! The top players have been busy complaining about all the restrictions the US Open is proposing, such as limiting their entourages. Players like Collins are saying, don’t be such crybabies, let’s get out there and play! There’s a big possibility big names such as Williams and Halep will skip out on events with too many restrictions, and this is where the Collins and Riske type players will come in and clean up!

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