Will Andy Murray Make a Run at a Major This Year?

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Will Andy Murray Make a Run at a Major This Year?

There are three Grand Slams left this year, and I’m hoping Andy Murray can make a run at one of those slams. Given Andy’s record at the four Grand Slams, he may very well go deep at the French, Wimbledon, and the US Open.

The big question though is still whether he can get consistent enough to hang around for two weeks at a slam. Andy has made tremendous strides in the last year, often beating some world-class competition. However, he has tended to have a good day, followed by a terrible day. For example, he’s had great wins in the last six months against players like Alcaraz, Hurkacz, Sinner, and Basilashvili, only to have big letdowns the very next round.

He seems to be struggling with keeping the momentum of a big win going. The good news for Andy is that he is Andy Murray. The fact that he is Andy Murray means that tournament organizers will continue to give him main draw wild cards. Also, his ranking is now in the top 100 though, sitting at #83 in the world. That will be good enough to get him into some events without asking for a wild card or qualifying.

Andy will continue to work his way into form this year. The hiring of a new coach is a step in the right direction. Andy seems to be back working with former coach Dani Valverde, and hopefully, it’s the tactical boost he needs to get himself in a position to make a run.

Also, something to look for in the next few weeks is the fact that Murray is about hit a pretty awesome milestone in his career – his 700th tour win. I don’t think that’s something that’s weighing in his mind, regardless of how impressive that accomplishment is. After all, this is a man that holds three Grand Slams, two Gold Medals, and a year-end number one ranking.

Either way, it’s just a matter of time before Andy can put together a fantastic season. Federer did it at 36 and 37 when he won an additional three Grand Slam titles. Andy’s 34 years old, so he’s got a few more years to inflict some damage on the tour.

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