Top Five Women Wimbledon Champions

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Top Five Women Wimbledon Champions

The grass season is the shortest of them all, culminating in Wimbledon. For one month out of 12, top players get their “all whites” out the closet, hit a couple of tune ups in June and head to the All England Club to participate in arguably the most prestigious of the Grand Slams. I’ve always found it sort of strange that although grass as a surface is not the standard on the pro tour, much like hard and clay courts, Wimbledon is the most hyped Grand Slam of them all. I get it, I’ve been to Wimbledon, and I’ve been to the US Open, and Wimbledon just feels like there’s more tradition and prestige as you walk around the grounds and soak in the vibe. Given the prestige and tradition, who are the top Women’s Wimbledon Champions in my opinion?  Here goes.


Petra Kvitova TennisPAL

  1. Petra Kvitova – 2 Wimbledon Championships

There are other women that have won more Wimbledon, such as Chris Evert (3) and Billie Jean King (4). However, I give Petra the nod because she’s the only player that has won multiple championships in the era of Venus and Serena Williams. Venus and Serena have dominated Wimbledon since 2000, winning 12 of those championships between them.





Venus Williams TennisPAL

  1. Venus Williams – 5 Wimbledon Championships

Venus won her five championships between 2000 to 2008. During that time, it was said that Venus was the queen of Wimbledon while sister Serena dominated the rest of the slams. Well, as we now know, Serena would go on to make Wimbledon her backyard as well between 2009 and 2016.





Serena Williams French Open 2018 TennisPAL

  1. Serena Williams – 7 Wimbledon Championships

In my opinion Serena was a late bloomer at Wimbledon. Sure, she won in 2002 and 2003, but then she went silent for the next five years as her sister Venus continued accumulating Wimbledon Championships. However, something happened in 2009, because for the next eight years she collected five additional Wimbledon Championships.





Steffi Graf TennisPAL

  1. Steffi Graf – 7 Wimbledon Championships

I give the nod to Steffi over Serena because Steffi disrupted one of the biggest dominating eras at a tournament in the history of tennis. Martina Navratilova had won six straight Wimbledon’s, a heck of a streak, before Steffi disrupted her by winning back to back championships in 1988 and 1989. Also, she was a seven-time champion during a nine-year period, from 1988 to 1996.





Martina Navrátilová TennisPAL

  1. Martina Navratilova – 9 Wimbledon Championship

Martina sets the bar for Wimbledon. I consider her the Rafa Nadal of Wimbledon. Nine Championships is outstanding. Furthermore, she won six straight. Also, she was able to come back and win one final Wimbledon in 1990, making her the only woman to have won Wimbledon in three separate decades.





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