Top 5 Unconventional Forehands in ATP

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Top 5 Unconventional Forehands in ATP

Unconventional forehands are easy to spot in the men’s pro tour. Many times, these forehands are styled after a player’s personality or around their overall approach to the game. They look unique. Some of these unconventional forehands don’t look like they would generate lots of power but are deceivingly effective, while others look deadly, and are deadly as can be.

6. John McEnroe: the tennis world is in agreement that McEnroe had some of the best hands to ever play the game. His touch at the net was unparallel. He also had the coolest serve ever in my opinion. The forehand however looked a bit weird. At times it looked like was merely caressing the ball over the net with little power and spin. However, don’t let the fool you, that forehand was constructed in order to take the ball on the rise and get to the net as quickly as possible.

5. Stefan Edberg: it was said that Edberg’s forehand was the weakest part of his game. He looked a bit awkward hitting it, and like McEnroe it didn’t seem to have much behind it. This one is another misleading forehand stroke. Edberg could dictate the rhythm of the point with his forehand and was able to neutralize power with it as well. You don’t become number one in the world with a wonky forehand, that’s for sure.

3. Fabrice Santoro: Fabrice was called the Magician during his run on tour, and rightly so, he had an unconventional and imaginative style of play. His forehand especially set him apart. He used a two handed forehand, much like Monica Seles. He was able to generate both top spin and slice with this wing and drove opponent’s like Marat Safin completely crazy.

2. Nick Kyrgios: Nick sometimes hits a forehand that looks like a slap and comes at you at 110 miles an hour. How does he do this? He leaps into the air and hits the ball hard and flat. It’s a unique shot that has won him hundreds of highlight reels through the years.

1. Rafa Nadal: many are probably wondering, what the heck is Nadal doing on the unconventional list? Well, the reason is because nobody hits a forehand like Nadal, and before him, nobody could generate as much RPM’s on the forehand side as the man from Mallorca. That heavy top spin with massive power has won him 12 French Opens.

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