Top 5 Most Liked Tennis Players in History

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Top 5 Most Liked Tennis Players in History

Tennis is a sport that has a lot of passionate fans who can be very opinionated. But there are some players who manage to transcend any such divisions and capture the hearts of fans of all stripes. We’re talking about the most liked tennis players in history.

These players are not only fantastic athletes but are also lovable, charismatic, inspiring personalities. They have been able to build their likeness into global brands worth millions of dollars too. So, who made our list?

1. Roger Federer
The Swiss ace has captured the hearts of the global tennis community for his skill, grace, and sportsmanship. He has been one of the most dominant players on the professional circuit, winning 20 Grand Slam titles and setting numerous records. But it’s not just his incredible tennis skills that has earned him millions of fans worldwide.

Federer is known for his charitable work and personal touch with fans, making him a beloved sportsman. Whether it’s waving to fans, taking selfies, or indulging in banter on social media, the 39-year-old has a way of making everyone feel special. We miss you Fed!

2. Rafael Nadal
The Spaniard is another player who has become a crowd favorite for years due to his fighting spirit, never-say-die attitude, and humble personality. As a player, Nadal has been a part of some of the greatest matches in tennis history, including his epic battles with Roger Federer.

We’ll miss the two nicest guys on tour play each other! His never-give-up attitude and willingness to give back to the community make him a popular figure among tennis fans.

3. Serena Williams
Serena Williams has moved the sport of tennis to new heights with her sheer talent, fierce competitiveness, and unwavering determination, which have earned her an incredible 23 Grand Slam titles. She inspired kids from all walks of life pick up a racket and dare to dream. But more than her titles, it’s her advocacy work, philanthropy, and inspirational story that set her apart from the crowd.

She’s been vocal about women’s rights, facing racism in her life and has become a role model for young girls worldwide. Her story is one of the most remarkable in all of sports. If you have not watched King Richard, based on her and her sister’s rise to tennis superstardom, I suggest you do.

4. Rod Laver
Australian Rod Laver is considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time, thanks to his skill, discipline, and overall versatility. Laver was a complete player, versatile on all surfaces and dominant in all parts of the game – especially the serve and volley. He is the last player to win the calendar year Grand Slam.

But it was his modesty, work ethic, and gentlemanly manners that won him fans far and wide. He’s been an inspiration to players and fans alike with his focus, determination, and sportsmanship on and off the court. It’s not for nothing that Roger Federer decided to name The Laver Cup after his likeness. His legacy will live on for years to come.

5. Billie Jean King
Billie Jean King not only led in tennis as a player, winning 39 Grand Slam titles throughout her career, but also in advocating for social change in sports and society. King was one of the founding members of the Women’s Tennis Association, fought for equal prize money, and famously beat Bobby Riggs in the 1973 “Battle of the Sexes.”

Off the court, King is an advocate for gender and LGBT rights, and her activism continues to inspire athletes around the world, making her one of the most beloved and revered figures in the world of sports.

There are obviously many more extremely liked players in the world of tennis. These five are truly special though, and their stories and brands will live on for decades to come. What are some of your favorites that didn’t make this list?

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