Toilet Breaks Distract From Murray’s Return to Form

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Toilet Breaks Distract From Murray’s Return to Form

Everyone keeps talking about Tsitsipas’ toilet break during a pivotal moment at the beginning of his five-set win against Andy Murray.

What people aren’t talking about is how good Andy Murray looked. Tsitsipas was lucky to get away with a win. Murray has put in the work and seems to be on the up and up. The hip seems to be healthy which means Murray could potentially be a contender at big tournaments for the next two years or so. As Nadal and Federer fade, it would be amazing to have one of the greats truly back.

Can it be possible? It certainly seems to be. There was vintage Murray all over the court against Tsitsipas, hitting classic cross-court groundstrokes from both angles and making very few unforced errors. Tsitsipas was being taken back to 2016 when Murray ruled the tennis world. Unfortunately for Murray, things didn’t finish the way he would have wanted.

No matter, there’s plenty of tennis in the tank, and if it’s any indication, Murray is hungry to get to the top again. He’ll be playing tournaments this fall and then he’ll give the Australian Open another shot. Andy does best in hard courts. Although, he does hold two Wimbledon trophies, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him make a run at Wimbledon next year.

Whatever the future holds for Murray, one thing is clear. It’s great to have the old Andy Murray back. One almost forgot what an incredible player he is. Against Tsitsipas, he reminded the world. He’s sent a signal to the ATP. Nobody will want to see Murray on their side of the draw in the next year.

In the meantime, tennis authorities should really revisit the rules regarding toilet breaks. Nobody should be allowed to interrupt a match for 20 minutes because they need to use the toilet.

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