Tecnifibre Racket Guide

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Tecnifibre Racket Guide

Tennis enthusiasts and avid players know that choosing the right gear is critical for optimal performance on the court.

Tecnifibre is another one of those French brands that seems to be everywhere as of late (Babolat is the other!). Although just 44 years old, has quickly become renowned in the world of tennis. Also, tecnifibre is synonymous with cutting-edge racket technology, and their collection boasts a variety of options to suit different playing styles. Whether you’re a power player or a finesse strategist, Tecnifibre has a racket for you. All that being said, today we’re going to focus on what two of the best players in the world are using: Iga Swiatek and Daniil Medvedev. 

Iga Swiatek’s Choice:

Iga Swiatek, the dynamic Polish tennis sensation and Grand Slam champion, entrusts her game to Tecnifibre. She uses the Tecnifibre Tempo 298 Iga, a racket that perfectly complements her aggressive baseline play. The Tecnifibre Tempo 298 Iga offers a harmonious blend of power and control, and spin, allowing Swiatek to unleash powerful groundstrokes while maintaining precision and consistency.

Key Features of the Tecnifibre Tempo 298 Iga:

  • Dyancore XTC:  a unique material that helps reduce harsh vibrations
  • Controlled Precision: Swiatek’s ability to hit precise winners is aided by the racket’s responsive string bed and optimized weight distribution. It’s also a tad lighter than a typical modern racket, which allows for higher swing speeds.
  • Enhanced Stability: The racket’s stability and lightness ensures that Swiatek can confidently handle powerful shots from opponents, giving her a competitive edge on the court.

Daniil Medvedev’s Weapon of Choice:

On the men’s circuit, Daniil Medvedev, known for his strategic gameplay and relentless ground strokes, trusts the Tecnifibre T-Fight ISO 305 as his main stick. This racket sports a 18×19 string pattern for players who prioritize control without sacrificing the ability to generate significant pace on their shots. It. 

Key Features of the Tecnifibre T-Fight ISO 305:

  • Precision Engineering: The T-Fight ISO 305 features the RS Section Beam, combining square and elliptical shapes that deliver the right mix between control and power. 
  • ISOFLEX: This racket comes equipped with the ISOFLEX System, whose main purpose is to adjust stiffness in key areas in and around the racket. The result is a larger sweet spot across the entire racket.
  • Foam: the racket is injected with foam which results in amazing feel and stability throughout the racket.


Junior rackets

So, what if you’re an aspiring junior who wants to emulate both Iga and Daniil? Tecnifibre has a racket just for you, in either 25 or 26. These rackets incorporate many of the elements of the adult rackets for a fraction of the price and will allow you to raise your game to the next level. Who knows, maybe your child can become the next Iga or Danill. The sky’s the limit!


In the fast-paced world of professional tennis, Tecnifibre stands out as a brand that caters to the needs of top players like Iga Swiatek and Daniil Medvedev. Whether you’re looking to emulate Swiatek’s aggressive baseline style or Medvedev’s strategic prowess, Tecnifibre’s range of rackets has something for every player. 

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