Serena’s Instagram account and HBO show

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Serena’s Instagram account and HBO show

I can’t be the only tennis fan that has been captivated by Serena Williams as of late. She’s in the middle of a historic comeback after having a baby and getting married to a famous tech entrepreneur. That’s a fascinating storyline. Thank you, HBO, for showcasing her journey on the HBO special, Being Serena. This is Must See TV for any tennis fan, let alone Serena fan.


The HBO special follows her from her pregnancy, to her marriage, to her delivery, and then her comeback. We get a first-person account and access to everything she went through – riveting stuff. If you haven’t had enough Serena after watching her HBO special, then I suggest you follow her on Instagram. On her Instagram you’ll find her posting cute pictures of her traveling, practicing, dining, and hanging out with her friends. Of note, you’ll also see her posting lots of pictures of both her husband, Alexis and her daughter Olympia. Which leads me to my next question: will Olympia be an amazing athlete, or will she be an amazing tech entrepreneur? Or both? Will she be a double threat? Will she code and kick everyone’s ass in some sport? Only time will tell.


In the meantime, I’m very curious as to how Serena will perform in the hard-court swing leading up to the US Open. You have to believe that she’s gained her confidence back after a solid Wimbledon showing. Will she tear through the field? I predict a US Open finals appearance. You can’t bet against Serena. She looks hungry for more titles and is putting in the work to get ready. Plus, she seems to have a great support system in her family that allows her to keep a sharp focus on her tennis. That being said, I can’t help but think about how dangerous Sloane Stephens will be on the hard courts this summer. After all, it’s her best surface and she’s the defending champion. Simona Halep also comes to mind, as she also plays extremely well on the hard courts.

It will be an exciting summer for women’s tennis, that’s for sure.

Check out a preview of the first episode:


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