Serena Williams vs. Venus Williams – a night to remember

Serena Williams vs. Venus Williams – a night to remember

On Monday night at Indian Wells, we were treated to Venus and Serena Williams’s 29th meeting between the two. Venus got the better of Serena in this one, bringing their sister rivalry to 17-12 in favor of Serena. After the match Venus said that match play was the difference. As we all know, Serena has been coming off a long layoff due to the birth of her daughter and Venus has had a resurgence at the tender age of 37, and is back in the top ten.


It is difficult to know how many more matches in this storied sister rivalry we’ll be treated in the future. What I do know is that everyone absolutely loves to what these two go at it – even the top tennis players where watching. Check out Simona Halep Instagram of herself during the match. She’s the number one women’s player right now, but tonight she was a fan.


Another cool thing Serena’s doing, and as an homage to her comeback and her charity (Yetunde Resource Center), she created an “S” pin. The point of the “S” in is not just to support Serena and her charity, but also to find your inner “S.” For example, I’d choose my inner “S” to be “Sharp.” I believe I heard Serena mention her “S” being “Strong.” Anyway, the pin is cool, supports a great charity and you can adopt your own “S.”


Finally, can we agree that Williams vs. Williams is one of the greatest tennis rivalries of all time, right at the top with Federer – Nadal, and Borg – McEnroe? In my next post I will be breaking down the best rivalries in my humble opinion!


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