The Secret To A Perfect Tennis Match

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The Secret To A Perfect Tennis Match

Most people enjoy the thrill of competition. Iconic match ups like Steffi Graf and Monica Seles, Nadal and Federer end up in explosive games of energy, sweat, and skill. These intense displays of competition fuel fans and make the sport of tennis so much better.

There are many reasons why these match ups work. Athlete personality and ego makes a difference, but no reason is as significant as a player’s performance and skill. When two players are perfectly matched up in their abilities and strengths, the game becomes a thrilling drama of serves, volleys, and returns.

Matching makes a difference

At TennisPAL, we realize that matching you with a player with the right skill level is the difference between having a good game and an amazing tennis match. The TennisPAL app has a built-in feature to find a tennis pal thats matches the skill level that you want. To keep things simple, the TennisPAL app uses the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) system. However, many adult leagues also use the USTA’s National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) to measure a player skill.

The Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) system and the National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) are both widely accepted tennis player skill rating systems. Unlike the NTRP, UTR is a grading system that applies to tennis players of any age, sex, and skill level. UTR only cares for the scoreboard. If you know your NTRP rating, the TennisPAL app has a convenient conversion chart for your UTR level. Since UTR is a more reliable index of tennis prowess, you need only to find another player that is near your own rating, and you’ll have a pretty good game. Research shows that within a 1.0 UTR bandwidth, 50 percent or more of the matches are competitive.

At the core of TennisPAL is our Find a PAL feature – we want you to be able to find a tennis anywhere, any time. An important aspect of finding a good tennis partner is to be matched up with someone with the same skill level. That is why the TennisPAL app searches for players who are close to your UTR skill level. This perfect pairing is what makes the difference between having an amazing tennis match


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