Pliskova Bad Girl of Tennis

AP Photo/Gaston De Cardenas

Pliskova Bad Girl of Tennis

Just when we thought bad boy/girl tennis antics where a thing of the past, Pliskova showed us this past week that we were quite mistaken. She went on a umpire chair smashing tirade after a loss in the second round of the Italian Open that would make John McEnroe proud. I absolutely loved every minute of it! She was also fined four figures by the WTA. There was a lot of frustration for her in this match, as she was upset by world number 42 Maria Sakkari in three tough sets 6-3, 3-6, 5-7.


Pliskova’s temper tantrum was caused a missed line call on game point for Pliskova at 5-5 in the third set. Her smash clipped the line on game point, but the umpire somehow missed it. Replays clearly show the ball hit the line. Pliskova was obviously frustrated and vented to the umpire to no avail. Naturally, all that emotion got the better of Pliskova because she proceeded to lose her serve, and then the match. What came next is what has allowed her to be inducted into the Bad Girl of Tennis Hall of Fame. Instead of shaking the umpires’ hand, she proceeds to batter the umpire’s chair with her racket, leaving a gaping hole on the chair. You can see the whole entertaining affair here. To be honest, I never thought Pliskova had it in her to be this bad ass. She always seems so cool and collected. Her game is also very cool and collected. This behavior is definitely out of the ordinary for her. Regardless, I’d love to know if this is a one off or if she’s coming out of her shell, and she’s actually a John McEnroe.


It would be unprofessional on my part to omit from this write up my favorite John McEnroe temper tantrum moment of all time, which occurred at the 1984 Stockholm Open. McEnroe lost his marbles just like Pliskova, however instead of attacking an umpire’s chair with his racket, he attacked his refreshments.


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