News in the TennisPAL App

News in the TennisPAL App

News is a dynamic feed of top tennis news from major headlines on ESPN Tennis.

How to read news in the TennisPAL app

Open the TennisPAL app and navigate to the News tab.
Here you can see an unlimited feed of news, updates, and articles from various news sources.
News is listed chronologically
Tap on a news story to quickly read more
Tap back to return to the main feed

Some things to remember and takeaway

TennisPAL news is a dynamic feed syndicating the top tennis news from ESPN Tennis. Scroll through tap stories to read the original article. TennisPAL makes it simple and easy to read the latest news and stay updated with the world of tennis.

This is one of the great features in TennisPAL check out our other tutorials to learn more tips.


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