More of Nick ‘Bad Boy of Tennis’ Kyrgios

AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth

More of Nick ‘Bad Boy of Tennis’ Kyrgios

It’s been an interesting couple of months for Nick Kyrgios. One day you see him rip through a tough as nails draw in Acapulco to win that tournament, and the next you see him absolutely melt down at the Italian Open, where he becomes upset about a few calls, gets penalized, throws a chair, walks off the court, and gets immediately defaulted.


He then goes on to bad mouth the French Open before mysteriously withdrawing due to illness. For Nick, it’s probably not a bad idea to start prepping for the grass court season. His game is more suited to grass and hard courts anyways. For him, carrying the momentum of his Acapulco win into the clay court season was going to be tough.


Maybe that’s what he’s thinking. Who knows and who cares? All I know is that when this guy plays, everyone, including myself, watches. When he loses it’s because he beat himself, not because the other guy is better. There really is nobody out there that can compete against Nick when his game is firing on all cylinders. Aside from all the power, he’s also quite crafty with the spins, slices, underhand serves, and tweeners galore.


So, what’s in store for Nick the rest of the season? Well, he’ll probably head to Wimbledon, and then hopefully makes some noise during the hard-court swing and onto the US Open. I was pretty excited to see him win in Acapulco, and I think lots of other people were too. It would be great to see him play like that on a more consistent basis. Tennis really needs him. Come on Nick! Get out there and show us some great tennis! Sooner rather than later…


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