Life is Too Short to Wear Inferior Clothing

Life is Too Short to Wear Inferior Clothing

UOMO SPORT is about a man’s passion for fashion and tennis. And, as with any good story, it is always best to start at the beginning:

Glory days of tennis fashion.

The time is the seventies. A young Steven Siebert and his brother, Stuart, walk onto the tennis courts at the New England Tennis Camp in Cheshire, Connecticut. They have their classic wood tennis racquets in hand, sporting their iconic Stan Smith tennis shoes by Adidas. The brightness of their tennis whites vibrates against the rich color of the court. They look cool, sophisticated, athletic.

The Sieberts’ unique appreciation for the sport of tennis and its culture is amplified when they attend the 1972 US Open at the Forrest Hills, Queens in New York City. They watch legendary players Stan Smith, Arthur Ashe, and many others walk with effortless style in their designer Italian tennis clothing. This experience makes a particularly great impression on young Steven who begins to see style and tennis as two sides of the same coin.

*          *          *

In those days, a Sergio Tacchini tracksuit was considered the coolest piece of clothing one could have in their wardrobe. Premium fashion labels from Italy were making clothes designed specifically for the sport of tennis. Designers used the best fabrics and tailored them with great care, using clean lines for the perfect fit. The clothes looked stylish and enhanced the athletes’ performance.

Brands that were once great, no longer care.

Fast forward to 2012. Steven Siebert is attending his son’s high school tennis match when he notices something missing from this almost picture-perfect moment. His son’s tennis outfit somehow does not evoke the same feelings as those beautifully made Italian tennis apparel that he and his brother used to wear and admire back in the days. Instead, the uniforms now look more like generic gym clothes. What happened to the stylish performance garments he had come to appreciate as a young man?

Tennis clothes today are neither aesthetically exciting nor practically functional. That certain je ne sais quoi that gave the sport its personality and gravitas is gone. It used to be that you could tell who is who from a distance based on the players’ outfits. These days, if the same brand is sponsoring both players on the court, it is almost impossible to distinguish them apart. Perhaps tennis has become another casualty of big brands’ desire for larger profit margins, lower costs and mass production. The level of attention that used to go into designing clothes for this prestigious sport seems a thing of the past.

In their quest to increase profit margins and reach the mainstream, many sports apparel brands have shifted their focus from creating clothes for the athletes to catering to people who aspire to the image of a lifestyle. Much to the dismay of tennis lovers, attention to detail, quality, and performance – attributes that once defined tennis fashion – have been sacrificed in favor of mass production, low costs, and big-box store distribution.

Bringing back authentic sophistication and timeless style to a prestigious sport.

It was at that moment while watching his son play tennis when the idea for UOMO SPORT first germinated in Steven Siebert’s mind. He was going to create a legacy as the premier tennis brand. “It will be the Rolex of tennis clothing for men and women,” he said.

Steven Siebert decided to make it his mission to bring back the glory days of Sergio Tacchini tracksuits to the modern times.

He was going to “give every tennis player an opportunity to perform at their highest level while wearing the finest apparel with every detail imaginable.” His vision was to marry the latest tennis racquet technology with the best Italian high-performance fabrics and style it in the classic retro fashion. “The players on tour are like gladiators today, and the racquet technology has evolved tremendously,” explains Steven. “I wanted to create the premium brand of tennis apparel based on classics, with a retro flair.”

UOMO SPORT’s timeless style will be an homage to the past and a promise for a greater future where style and performance coexist.

The making of UOMO SPORT.

It has been five years since Steven Siebert set out to make his vision of UOMO SPORT a reality. Like any hero’s journey, in his search for excellence, Steven has faced occasional setbacks. Today, his commitment and unwavering passion are close to fruition.

After numerous trips to Italy, countless visits to different textile factories, hundreds of hours of R&D and collaboration with designers and partners, Steven has finally found the right formula for UOMO. UOMO is a luxury brand made in the USA using the best Italian techno fabrics. In other words, the perfect marriage of art and science.

The 100% made in Italy patented fabrics used by UOMO are among the most innovative available in the market today. They help streamline and support the body which enhances athletic performance and allows the players to focus on their training. The high percentage of polyamide micro with Lycra elasticity used allows freedom of movement. Aside from performance, the fabrics used by UOMO are also among the most hygienic. The body moisture system allows air to circulate between the fibers making the garments cooler. The structure of the fabrics not only helps make drying time much faster, the microfibers filter sun rays for maximum protection against sun’s damaging effects.

The proof is in the pudding.

Those who have tried UOMO, are now its loyal customers and advocates. Tennis champions such as Pat Cash and Aaron Krickstein, as well as rising stars Noah Rubin, Jan Choinski, Clay Thompson, Karue Sell, and Gage Brymer to name a few are among some of UOMO’s fans. Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, who portrayed the advertising executive Don Draper in AMC’s award-winning TV series, has been spotted a few times sporting his stylish UOMO clothing.

UOMO SPORT. A brand to keep an eye on.

“This is just the start!” exclaims Steven. When asked about UOMO’s plans, the goal is to take the brand international, expand its e-commerce presence, and sell through exclusive luxury boutiques where white glove service is part of the customer experience. A line of apparel for women is also underway.

If you love tennis and appreciate sophisticated classic styles, keep an eye out for UOMO during the 2018 US Open. Watch for the brand’s pop-up store on Manhattan’s Madison Avenue. And remember, Steven Siebert is on a mission because “Life is too short to wear inferior clothing. Spend more on fabric! Your body is your temple, and your style is your trademark.”


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  1. Alan Syzdek

    Outstanding balance of fashion, fit and function. After trying Uomo Sport you will not want to wear tennis clothes made by other brands.

    • Mahta Emrani

      100% agree! It is a brilliant product with an incredible mission. Very much looking forward to Uomo Sport’s continuous success.