Kyrgios Makes a Statement

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Kyrgios Makes a Statement

Look out ATP tour. You’ve been given notice. Kyrgios may be here to stay. And for fans like myself, who love to see the most talented players rise to the top, it doesn’t get any better than this. John McEnroe used to say that he had more talent in his pinky than Lendl had in his entire body. Well, I think the same can be said about Kyrgios. He pretty much can toy his way to a win with anyone ranked outside the top 10. How about when he’s half committed?


Well, when he’s half committed, he enters the Mexican Open unseeded, knocks off two multiple Grand Slam winners in Nadal and Wawrinka, then for dessert, has his way with both John Isner and Alexander Zverev. Playing incredible, entertaining, exciting and lights out tennis, Kygrios showed us what he can do when he’s half committed to the sport. After his win, he commented his need to become more professional. He gave props to his friend Zverev multiple times for how hard he works and how committed he is. In return, Zverev mentioned how the best player had won that week.


It wasn’t as though it was easy for Kyrgios. There were multiple three setters in his Mexican Open championship. He was down three match points to Nadal. In the end it didn’t matter. Superior tennis talent won the day in Mexico. Kyrgios’ commitment continues to be in question. And a hilarious moment ensued when Zverev congratulated Kyrgios for his win. It is now customary to congratulate the player’s team during speeches. However, when Zverev looked to Kyrgios’ box to congratulate his team, he was in a little of a loss. He says, “Congrats to your team, or might I say, the two guys in your box, I don’t know what they do, but congrats.”

I have looked for info on his two Aussie friends in his box. Maybe they’re nutritionists? Maybe moral support? I’d say neither. Kyrgios doesn’t seem like a dude that needs moral support, and from looking at his Instagram, after each win, he posted lots of pizza dinners throughout his Acapulco stay. So, there was lots of pizza eating in Mexico and there was also a lot of Jet skiing. Oh, and at the end of it, a half a million-dollar check for Kyrgios. Yeah, and 500 ATP points. It must be nice to be so supremely talented. Keep tearing through the field Nick!


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