Halep looks forward to 2019 without Coach

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Halep looks forward to 2019 without Coach

One of the most interesting coach/player relationships in women’s tennis has been between Darren Cahill and Simona Halep. However, according to reports, the relationship has now ended due to Darren wanting to spend more time with his family – according to reports. We can all understand that. This ends a very successful partnership where Simona Halep won the 2018 French Open, and finished the year as number one in the world.


This year was definitely the high point in this partnership. Although, one can’t think of the fact that this relationship was interesting because of the instances where Simona should have won, but she didn’t, and she totally melted or freaked out. The 2018 Italian Open final comes to mind. She shows up, loses the first set at “0” and then loses the second respectively 6-4 to Svitolina. Svitolina is great and all, but Halep should not be losing the first set of an important final at “0” (love).


Tennis pundits have long stated that Simona’s attitude has been her worst enemy. She gets down on herself and seems to drift out of matches in important moments. That wasn’t the case so much this year, but in years past it can be argued that it was. As far as Darren Cahill is concerned, it came to a head in the Spring of 2017 when he briefly ended their partnership due to her attitude. Regardless of what was or wasn’t, let’s look at what Simona accomplished in the four years under Darren; it’s quite an impressive haul.


  • Three Grand Slam Finals (two French, one Australian)
  • 2018 French Open
  • 2-time Madrid Open Champion (2016 and 2017)
  • 2-time Canadian Open Champion (2016 and 2018)
  • 2015 Indian Wells


So, reports are now stating that Simona will be choosing to enter 2019 without a coach. She’ll have a lot to prove because a lot of people think that Cahill was the reason she was staying focused during important moments. Although, let’s not forget it’s always the player that wins the matches, not the coaches. And if there’s something we now know about Simona Halep, is that she is a winner.


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