A Guide to be an Awesome Coach on TennisPAL

A Guide to be an Awesome Coach on TennisPAL

Are you ready to become a next-level tennis coach on TennisPAL? You are on the right page. Here are our steps for you to become a top tier coach in the TennisPAL community.


Step #1

Creating a great coaching profile on the TennisPAL app is simple and rewarding! Think the ultimate social network for tennis players! Simply register as a coach and create your profile according to your own preferences and availability.


Step #2

The second step is filling in the details of your profile like your home court, and the types of matches you’d be interested in playing such as doubles or singles or both. Here it is best to include some contact info such as your email, a description about yourself as a coach, your history as a coach, and the days of the week you’re available for lessons.








Step #3

The third and perhaps most important step in creating a great and effective coaching profile is finding students. Under the Find Pal section of the app you provide some details about yourself such as your age, gender, and zip code. From there you can input a radius, based on your zip code, within which you’d be willing to teach. Here you can also gauge the skill level (from 2.5-6.0) of the students you’re willing to work with.







Step #4

You will also have the ability to post messages on the TennisPAL Moments that updates the community with what you’re up to and/or any pro tips you have to share. Students in your area might reach out to you this way as well, so make yourself known!








In addition to all of this, you will have the ability to invite players within from the community, whose skill level you can see, in order to set up a match or practice. You can also select the option of making your event paid and your attendees will be able to complete payment through the app, which you’ll then recieve through email. To get started just press the calendar button and set up a private event at a court near you!











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