Four Reasons why the Laver Cup is Awesome

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Four Reasons why the Laver Cup is Awesome

By the time you read this, the Laver Cup is officially over. Once again, Team Europe was too strong. Hopefully, Team World gets revenge next year. I for one am in love with the Laver Cup. Also, I’m surprised that given the fact that it’s a rather new event, The Laver Cup sure got lots of notoriety this week. Why wouldn’t it though? In all honesty, it’s the most exciting tennis competition I’ve seen all year. It sucks you in, even if there’s no tradition, or ATP ranking points at stake. It doesn’t matter. When you put up some of the best tennis players in the world against each other, on one court, in a team format, sparks are going fly. And fly they did. These guys hate losing, and this weekend at the United Center, it showed. There were mob team celebrations after critical points all through the weekend. We saw some Incredible drama match after match. What else could a tennis fan ask for?


Somebody did their homework in conceiving this event. Because it’s been spot on with players and fans alike. The United Center was packed all weekend, and bumping. This event will only get bigger after this. I predict this event will become the biggest weekend in tennis moving forward – bigger than any Grand Slam and/or the Davis Cup.
Here are my top four reasons why:


    • I love this whole concept of Europe vs. the World. In tennis it’s going to always be mostly Americas and Australians against the Europeans. The New World vs. the Old Country in a way. This rivalry is very similar to the Ryder Cup in golf, and that has worked out pretty well.
    • The format creates excitement. The matches are short, the points awarded per match win increase as they play on through the weekend. Brilliant! This means that matches mean more on Sunday than on Friday.
    • Let’s face it, whenever there’s a Grand Slam where top players are missing in the second weekend, people kind of tune out. Not at the Laver cup. They are here all weekend, and fiercely competing.
  • It’s hosted by a different and cool city every year. So, from a tourism perspective, the average tennis fan can plan to go on vacation and catch a Laver Cup, session and continue doing touristy things the rest of the time. Next year it’s in Geneva. I’m thinking of attending.


Long live the Laver Cup! Long live Roger Federer’s tennis genius! Until next year.


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