Flex League Summer 2018


Flex League Summer 2018

Get ready for TennisPAL Flex League Summer 2018. Players will be grouped together for a 10 week tournament of fun competition.

Available  Exclusively in San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, and New York City.
Registration is now open until June 15th.

In the TennisPAL app, send a chat message with “I’m in” to TennisPAL Concierge in order to sign up for the Flex League.

Download the app and join the TennisPAL Flex League today!

Flex League 2018  Rules & Scoring

Below are TennisPAL’s official rules for the 2018 Flex League. Please read these carefully

  • Contact people on the list and organize your match at a location and time you both agree on (there is no order on who to call first)
  • Split the court fees
  • Bring a can of new balls; play with one and the winner will take the other one
  • Play 2 out 3 sets, regular scoring
    • If you feel there is not enough court time and would like to play a 10-point tiebreaker in lieu of a 3rd set, the decision has to be made before the start of the match and both parties have to agree. If the opponent is not in agreement, you should play a 3rd set. The 10-point tiebreaker will be reported as 7-6 to make it consistent with actual 3rd set result.
  • Respond to request for play even if the answer is no
  • Report your score to TennisPAL Concierge
  • Players earn points based on the system explained below (Earning Points)
  • A player’s league position is based on his/her total points earned.
  • At the end of the season, we will have a playoff among the top 4, single elimination.
  • The champion will win a $50 gift card and a trophy
  • Finalists will receive trophies

Earning Points:

Players/Teams receive points based on the set scores of your match.

Point Calculations

The Winning Player Receives:
12 points for a 3 set win
14 points for a 2 set win

The Losing Player Receives:
One point for each game won in their “two highest scoring sets”.
A losing player can receive up to a maximum of 8 points per match.

Example match score: 6-4, 6-2
winner receives 14 points
loser receives 6 points

Example match score: 6-2, 4-6, 7-5
winner receives 12 points
loser receives 8 points

If you have any questions please reach out to TennisPAL Concierge by chatting in the app.


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