Find Pal in the TennisPal App

Find Pal in the TennisPal App

The Find PAL tab in one of the most powerful features of TennisPAL. Coaches can utilize Find Pal to search the TennisPAL community for students, coaches, and tennis partners. This tool can be a powerful marketing tool for you to uncover new student base. You can find other coaches for support and collaboration. Lastly, of course, you can find a tennis partner who matches your skill level for a fun game near you.

How to find a PAL

Open the TennisPAL app and navigate to the Find Pal tab.
Tap the toggle to select your search for a Player or a Coach
Your current location is automatically selected. If you’d like to search by zip code, enter it here
Select the Gender you would like to search for
If you are available only on select days of the week, select your availability. There are no restrictions if you leave this unset
Select a search radius in miles
Adjust the handles to select a range of ages for your search
Adjust the handles to select a range of skill levels for your search
Tap Find Pal to search the TennisPAL community

Message a user

Here you can see a list of your results.
Tap any user to message them


You can broadcast a message to the users in your search results.
Tap the Broadcast icon and type your message.
Every user in your search will be sent your message.

Some things to remember and takeaway

TennisPAL’s Find Pal feature is one of the most powerful tools in the app. As a coach, you can utilize this search tool to find new students, other coaches to work with, and a tennis pal for a match. There are many filters you can select for your search including location, gender, skill level, age, and availability. You can directly message users to make a connection and grow your network.

This is one of the great features in TennisPAL check out our other tutorials to learn more tips.


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