Events and Calendar in the TennisPAL App

Events and Calendar in the TennisPAL App

Events and calendar is a major feature for you to connect with members in the TennisPAL community. You can create public and private events, send invitations, and collect payments. Tennis players can schedule matches and hold events for the community on their own. As a coach, the TennisPAL calendar will become your central schedule management tool.


How to use events and calendar

Open the TennisPAL app and navigate to the Calendar tab.
Here you can see a monthly calendar and a list of a single day’s events.
Status dots indicate an event for each day. Tap each day with a status dot to see a list of events.
A green dot means that you are invited to an event.
Taping the event let’s you accept or decline the invitation.
If you accept, the status dot changes to dark blue.
If you decline, the status dot and invitation is removed from your calendar.
If you are invited to a paid event, accepting the invitation will charge your payment method.

Creating an event

In the Calendar tab, tap the add event button.
Enter your event title, select if it is private or public, add a location, and set a date and time.
Add a ticket price if the event is not free.
If this event is private, select the participants to be invited.
Add any notes and tap SEND INVITE
Review your event details and confirm if it is correct.
Your event will now be visible on the calendar and participants will be notified.

Manage events

View the details of your event invitations by selecting the event.
Here you can see the status of your invitation. The number of pals attending, how many spots are available, and how many have declined.
You can delete the events here by tapping DELETE EVENT


Some things to remember and takeaway

TennisPAL events and calendar is the central schedule management tool for the community. Here you can create private and public events, manage invitations, and collect payment for events directly through the app. Schedule events with a new found pal, your weekend tennis crew, or with coaches. TennisPAL makes it simple and easy to get on the court.

This is one of the great features in TennisPAL check out our other tutorials to learn more tips.


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