Eugenie Bouchard and Caroline Wozniacki in Pros vs. Amateurs Tournament

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Eugenie Bouchard and Caroline Wozniacki in Pros vs. Amateurs Tournament

Richard Branson is a legend. He’s the founder of the Virgin Group and has always been a favorite of mine because he started his empire through his love of music. My two loves in this world are basically tennis and music.


Richard Branson founded Virgin Records with earnings from his record store in 1972. He’s famously known for signing the Rolling Stones. However, most dear to me, is the fact that he signed the Sex Pistols. I still love that band, and most punk bands from the 70s – especially the Clash. The culture of punk rock still influences my life in all sorts of way. Mostly, in the way I view the establishment. But all that is for some music blog I’ll start some other day. We’re here to talk about tennis.


So, when I was scanning my Instagram account and saw bunch of tennis stars like Caroline Wozniacki posting pictures of herself with Richard Branson on some island playing tennis, I had to investigate. It turns out that Richard Branson hosts an amateur vs. pros tournament at his own island somewhere in the Caribbean. The event is called the Necker Cup. You can read all about it right here.


I tried to look at pricing for attending this fun sounding shindig; but given the fact that the island hosts only 36 people, I think this event may be a bit out of my budget. Nevertheless, I feel great about the fact that 36 people are gathered at some faraway island somewhere in the Caribbean raising money for good causes.


As for myself, I’ll spend the next few days listening to my favorite punk bands. You should too. And if you haven’t ever listened to the most quintessential punk/rock album of the 20th century, titled London Calling and performed by the Clash, give it a chance – and your heart. It will change your life. It changed mine.


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