Del Potro Is One of the Greatest

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Del Potro Is One of the Greatest

Regardless of the many years of inactivity through injury, Juan Martin Del Potro managed to put together a Hall of Fame career.

In all, he finished in the top ten for a total of five years. Three of those were top 5 finishes. He won a total of 22 career titles, including the 2009 US Open and the 2018 edition of Indian Wells.

Many people will point at what could have been. However, that’s taking the glass half empty approach. Del Potro’s glass is most definitely half full. The fact that he was out with injury for so many years makes his record that much more impressive. Had he been on the tour full time for the last 12 years, it is very likely that Del Potro could have captured 5-7 Grand Slam titles. Del Potro has pretty much been a part-time tennis player. I would bet that 99% of players out there not named Nadal, Djokovic, and Federer would take what he accomplished in his short career.

However, it’s not just the stats and facts with Del Potro. He has been one of the most beloved players on and off the court. He’s a giant with a heart of gold. For example, who can forget Del Potro consoling Nicholas Almagro at the 2017 French Open after suffering a knee injury. Del Potro leaped to his opponent’s side to comfort a fellow friend and player in pain.

His forehand was just as big as his heart. Many will argue, including myself, that Del Potro’s forehand was the biggest the world has ever seen. It was a whip. He would use this weapon to great effect. Setting himself up nicely to finish off points after a barrage of forehands that inched and put his opponents immediately on their heels.

The story for Del Potro has not ended yet. There is a glimmer of hope that somehow there can be a fourth act to his incredible talent and career. As of now, he’s pulled out of the Rio Open, and people are speculating that he will indeed confirm his retirement. Time will only tell.

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