Dayana Yastremska is Breaking Out

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Dayana Yastremska is Breaking Out

Not all the top players decided to play the lower tier tournaments this week before the French. The ones that do play usually do it in order to get a few more prep matches before the big two weeks at Roland Garros. The most interesting of these tournaments this week was Strasbourg, where Dayana Yastremska beat both Aryna Sabalenka and Caroline Garcia, on her way to the title. Most folks in the tennis world have now been put on notice regarding this up and coming 19-year-old WTA pro.


This was her third WTA title in the last seven months. She won the Hong Kong Open in October and then the Hua Hin Championships in February. Many remember her for being consoled by Serena Williams after their third-round match at the Australian Open, where she lost easily 2-6, 1-6. In her defense, that was a pretty bad showing for her. So, what is it about this Ukranian’s game that’s got her on the up and up?


Well, for starters, she’s incredibly quick. Also, she has amazing feel for the ball and likes to hug the baseline and hit the ball on the rise to take time away from opponents. She’s always moving forward too. Unlike many in the women’s game, she is not afraid to come in to finish off a point at net.


In terms of weaknesses, the only thing I would point to is her lack of size. She comes in at 5 9’ which is not exactly ideal for the women’s game nowadays. What she lacks in size she makes up in anticipation and mental toughness though, along with all the other things I noted above. Anyway, this is a player that is on the rise, and will continue to play well throughout 2019. In terms of how she’ll perform at the French is tough to predict. She’s got Suárez Navarro to contend with in the first round, and a possible third round match up with Kerber. It’s gonna be tough for her to get through with high seeds coming her way sooner rather than later.


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