Classic Rivalries: Williams vs. Williams

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Classic Rivalries: Williams vs. Williams

One of the hardest rivalries to watch for me in tennis has been the sister rivalry between Serena and Venus. Mostly, because they were sisters, but also because I have loved how they play ever since they came to the scene.

Although Serena went on to win significantly more Grand Slams than her sister, Venus had Serena’s number at one point, and was considered the more accomplished player in the early 2000s. Sometimes people forget how good Venus was because Serena is probably the greatest women’s tennis player of all time. Venus has won seven Grand Slams, including five Wimbledon titles. In the early 2000’s Venus was also considered the Queen of Wimbledon. She had more Wimbledon titles than her sister. Of course, time would erase that fact.

Let’s look at some of the numbers. These two met a total of 30 times during their careers, with a total of 16 times coming at Grand Slams. That’s a lot of big-time tennis matches that they played. Even more impressive is the fact that they met in a total of nine Grand Slam finals. Serena has the edge there by 7-2. Let’s break those finals down.

2001 US Open: Venus wins

2002 French Open: Serena wins

2002 Wimbledon: Serena wins

2002 US Open: Serena wins

2003 Australian Open: Serena wins

2003 Wimbledon: Serena wins

2008 Wimbledon: Venus wins

2009 Wimbledon: Serena Wins

2017 Australian Open: Serena wins

Out of all those finals, it’s commendable that Venus was able to win the 2008 Wimbledon title, considering she had a five-match losing streak against her sister in Grand Slam finals. That Wimbledon title was special for Venus as well, because she was able to defend it having beat Marion Bartoli in 2007. However, it would also be Venus’ fifth and final Wimbledon. In my heart, she’s still the Queen of Wimbledon though. From 2000 to 2009, Venus participated in eight finals, winning the tournament five times. That’s a heck of a record at Wimbledon.

Although this rivalry may not be over considering that both Williams are still on tour, it seems unlikely that they will be meeting in blockbuster Wimbledon finals. The best we can hope for is an exhibition match in a big-time arena court. I’ll take that over nothing though.


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