Chat in the TennisPAL App

Chat in the TennisPAL App

The Chat tab is the easiest way for you to message other users in the TennisPAL app. Meet new people, make plans for a match, or confirm a lesson by directly chatting with users. Always be kind and helpful when messaging others and be sure to always follow our community guidelines.


Chatting in TennisPAL

Open the TennisPAL app and navigate to the Chat tab.
Browse through your active conversations
Tap to scroll through a single conversation

Start a new conversation by tapping the search icon
Start typing the user’s name
Select the user you want to message
Tap Done and you are ready to message

Create a group chat

You can create a group chat by selecting multiple users
Tap Done and a name the group chat
Tap Create to start the group message

Blocking a user

In a conversation, you can block any user
In a single chat conversation, tap the Block User icon
Confirm that you want to block the user
Blocking will prevent the user from being able to reply on chat and find your profile


Some things to remember and takeaway

TennisPAL’s chat feature lets you connect with users in the community. You can message an individual or create a group chat room. Be polite and helpful when chatting on the TennisPAL app. You can also block individuals from chatting with you. Use messaging to coordinate a game or discuss a lesson, stay active with the community and reach out to new friends.

This is one of the great features in TennisPAL check out our other tutorials to learn more tips.


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