Best indoor tennis in Chicago

Cullman-Heyman Tennis Center in New Haven, Connecticut, AP Photo/Fred Beckham

Best indoor tennis in Chicago

Finding a good court to play tennis in Chicago during the summer months is pretty easy. There are countless of decent outdoor public courts to choose from all over the city – north, south, west, and east. That being said, come winter, one is at a little bit of a loss. Unless you live in the suburbs, where there are plenty of decent Park District indoor courts to choose from, for the most part, you are left with a few expensive private club options like Midtown Tennis Club and East Bank Tennis Club.


However, many people don’t realize that there’s two great accessible indoor tennis facilities in the city. They are McFetridge Sport Center in Irving Park and XS Tennis in the South Side. Both are very accessible if you live in the City. I’ve been playing in these two venues for a few years after being a member of Midtown Tennis. I’m especially fond of XS Tennis due to its mission and the fact that the founder is Kamau Murray, coach of Sloane Stephens. Here’s my review of both spots.


XS Tennis

This facility is brand new and has about nine great indoor courts. There is a membership of $45 a month in order to play there, and there are hourly court fees, which are approximately $35 an hour. However, you can bring guests! Which is more than I can say about Midtown or East Bank. Also, you’ll routinely see pro tennis players practicing there. Venus has made an appearance and so has Djokovic. Getting a glimpse of tennis pros is always a bonus! Finally, the courts and lights are top notch. They rival Midtown. Learn more at



This one is the more affordable option. There is a yearly membership fee of $40, and court fees are approximately $30 per hour. This is a Chicago Park District establishment and its maintained fairly well. The courts are a bit fast, but the lighting is good, and you can find good players to hit with. The other convenient thing about McFetridge is the fact that you can book the courts online. No need to call in advance. Just log on and book your court at


So, your best bet in the winter if you’re looking for a good and affordable court, with decent lights, and a potential pool of good players to connect with, is either XS Tennis or McFetridge.


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