AO22 Best Early Round Matchups – Women’s Draw

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AO22 Best Early Round Matchups – Women’s Draw

Here’s the best matchups in the first week of the Australian Open:

First Round: Vekic vs. Riske

Vekic had an injury-prone 2021 while Riske made a late resurgence in 2021 and is playing very well to start the year. Both these players are top 20 talent when healthy and competing. They will give the crowd a great show for a first-round matchup.

H2H – Vekic 3 Riske 2

Third Round: Barty (1) vs. Giorgi (30)

H2H – Barty 3 Giorgi 0

Barty has this match in the bag. That’s not why it will be fun to watch though. It’s going to be fun to watch because Giorgi goes all out with her shots. There is no other gear for Giorgi other than “crush the ball.” When her game is on, it is extremely entertaining. When it’s off it can be a quick outing for Giorgi.

Fourth Round Barty (1) vs. Osaka (13)

H2H – Barty 2 Osaka 2

If Barty makes it through Giorgi’s missiles, she’ll be rewarded with more firepower from the likes of Osaka. This fourth-round matchup is worthy of the final. This may very well be the final. Whoever wins this match will be the overwhelming favorite to win the tournament.

Third Round: Svitolina (15) vs. Azarenka (24)

H2H – Azarenka 4 Svitolina 0

It wasn’t long ago that both these players were solidly in the top 10. They will be hungry to get back to where they belong. This matchup will be a slugfest. Both these ladies get after the ball, with intensity and precision.

First Round: Kenin (11) vs. Keys

H2H – Keys 2 Kenin 1

Two extremely talented Americans will need to fight it out in the first round. Kenin is not playing well after an injury-prone 2021. Keys is a top player herself but has had lots of inconsistent results in the last few years. That being said, when Keys is at the top of her game, she can beat anyone in the world.

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