2023 Miami Open Men’s Recap

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2023 Miami Open Men’s Recap

All week long the narrative had been around Alcaraz and Sinner.

Rightly so, as both men were tearing apart all comers with relative ease. This is why when Alcaraz and Sinner met in the semifinal of the Miami Open, many observers likened that meeting to the actual final. Never mind that Daniil Medvedev, arguably the best hard-court player in the last five years was lurking on the other half of the draw.

To be fair, fans have a reason to be excited about Sinner and Alcaraz. They bring a level of youth, electricity, and shot-making that is incredibly exciting. This is a rivalry that can match a Federer-Nadal-type rivalry for years to come. Sinner’s victory over Alcaraz in the semis makes sure that this indeed is now a full-fledged rivalry. What the narrative didn’t count on though was how well Medvedev is playing again. His 2022 slump seems to be a thing of the past.

Since the Australian Open, Medvedev has made five straight finals, winning four of them. Although he lost to Alcaraz in the Indian Wells final, it would prove this was not indicative of Medvedev playing second fiddle to the Alcaraz/Sinner hype. He promptly dismantled Sinner in the final to capture his first Miami Open.

Medvedev’s win makes sure that Alcaraz is no longer the number one player in the world. That ranking belongs to Novak Djokovic once again. As we head into the clay court swing which finalizes at Roland Garros, expect more movement at the top of the rankings.

In recent years, it has been Tsitsipas and Nadal who have dominated the clay. Also, let’s not forget about Dominic Thiem, who is still coming back from injury and can pose a threat at the clay courts this year.

On a final note, Medvedev and his Russian compatriots should be pleased to hear that they are going to be allowed to play at Wimbledon this year. Although the Russians have not historically done well at Wimbledon, it should be a great opportunity for the rest of the ATP and WTA field to earn points that are crucial in the rankings game.

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