2021 French Open Men’s Quarterfinals Predictions and Preview

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2021 French Open Men’s Quarterfinals Predictions and Preview

The men’s draw is as tight as they come. The quarterfinals will be even tighter. For the most part, the favorites coming in are still alive. I would say the only true surprise is watching how Medvedev has embraced the clay during the last week. Medvedev, who has a chance at becoming number one in the world during the French Open has historically hated the clay. He now apparently loves it. This will be his first Quarterfinal appearance. The rest of the field looks pretty much status quo. We got Zverev, Nadal, Djokovic, Tsitsipas, Berrettini, and Schwartzman in the quarters. These are all players that are top class on the clay. Let’s see how the quarters will shake out!

Zverev (6) vs. Davidovich Fokina

Davidovich Fokina has played a heck of a tournament. This has been a coming-of-age tournament for the 22-year-old Spaniard. Unfortunately for him, he’s about to run into world-class consistency. Zverev is not messing around in this tournament. He’s quietly made his way to the quarterfinals playing some efficient tennis. He’ll make quick work of Davidovich Fokina. Zverev will win in three sets.

Tsitsipas (5) vs. Medvedev (2)

Who would have thought Medvedev would be in the quarterfinals against one of the tournament favorites? Well, here we are. And this matchup will not be as easy for Tsitsipas as one would think. Medvedev holds a 6-1 record against Tsitsipas. Sure, these are clay courts, and Tsitsipas is the only one that can probably beat Nadal at this tournament. Not so quick though, Medvedev seems to have found his groove on the dirt. He’ll make it a match. I still pick Tsitsipas to win this though. Tsitsipas will come through in four sets.

Nadal (3) vs. Schwartzman (10)

It’s wonderful to see Schwartzman finding his game again at the French Open. He struggled during the clay-court swing, but it all seems like a thing of the past now with a quarterfinal showing at his favorite Grand Slam. As many can recall, Schwartzman beat Nadal at the Italian Open last year and then fell to Nadal in straight sets at the 2020 French Open. As much as I like Diego, I don’t think this one will be close. Nadal wins in three straight sets.

Djokovic (8) vs. Berrettini (9)

A lot of people were hoping this would be a matchup between Federer and Djokovic. Unfortunately, Federer pulled out of his fourth-round match with Berrettini, and Berrettini received a walk-over. I think Djokovic will struggle against the number one Italian. Djokovic struggled against the 19-year-old Italian Musetti, and Berrettini is a lot tougher and has been playing well, winning the Serbia Open a few weeks back. Berrettini wins in five sets.

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