2019 US Open: Women’s Finals Predictions

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2019 US Open: Women’s Finals Predictions

The women’s finals are set. Andreescu and Williams will now be able to finally play a final.

As you can all remember, Serena pulled out of the Toronto final with an injury. I doubt there will be any injuries previous to this final. Both of these women are playing fantastic tennis and should provide an entertaining final. The edge has to go to Serena though. You can tell she wants it bad and is super focused. She tore through the draw and looked fantastic in her win against Svitolina, who was playing great tennis coming into the semifinal. Also, odds are the nerves that have plagued her in previous finals are not going to show up tomorrow. She’s been in this situation plenty of times before in the last couple of years. In my view, there’s no way she doesn’t play her best tennis on Saturday.


That being said, don’t discount Andreescu. She’s arguably the most in-form player on the WTA right now and will be looking to win her first Grand Slam. It won’t be easy for Williams, as Andreescu has power and defensive skills which will make it difficult for Serena to deal with. Serena will throw everything at Andreescu, and she will have to weather the storm. If she does weather the storm and starts frustrating Serena, the final will go Andreescu’s way, and Serena will have to keep waiting for that Grand Slam since childbirth.


What Serena needs to do to win:

Serve well and take control of the point quickly on the return game. Control emotions of the moment.


What Andreescu needs to do to win:

Defend every point like your life depends on it, and make Serena hit extra shots. Also, go for it.


So, there you have it, whomever wins, will most definitely deserve it. Should be a fun final to watch!


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