TennisPAL Chronicles: Podcast Episode Two


TennisPAL Chronicles: Podcast Episode Two

In this episode,

Coach Paulo Hexsel : Don Shula Florida Tennis to Beverly Hills Country Club & US OPEN Fan Reports

In Part 2 of our interview we hear how Coach Hexsel evolves from College tennis to Coaching professionals and serious Juniors on tour. He moves from the University of Tennessee at Martin to Florida working with famous Miami Dolphins football coach Don Shula and how he eventually He became the director of Tennis at the Beverly Hills Country Club.

In this episode we also hear fan favorite reports recapping the US OPEN action including Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic & Serena Williams and we welcome new reporter from fans of Rafael Nadal (Christine Totszollosy) and Andy Murray (Peter Childs).

Host : Phillip Kim

Director of Tennis for the City of Azusa


produced by the team at

CoHost : Valerie Garcia

Coach Paulo Hexsel

Fan Favs Reporter :

Roger Federer :  Fiona @federering on Twitter

Novak Djokovic :  Tanja @tanjanole on Twitter

Rafael Nadal : Christine Totszollosy on Facebook

Andy Murray : Peter Childs@thaiguy84 on Twitter

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