Tennis Gear Guide for 2023: Babolat

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Tennis Gear Guide for 2023: Babolat

Babolat is one of my favorite tennis equipment brands.

It’s a brand that has really come into prominence in the 2000s, with countless tennis stars opting for their rackets and shoes. From Rafa Nadal to Andy Roddick and everyone in between, their rackets, shoes, strings, and attire have become staples on the tour and on recreational courts around the world. 

I’m one of the true converts to this brand. My whole family is currently playing with Babolat, from my wife to my kids, we can proudly say we’re a Babolat family. Here are some essentials to think about. 

Rackets: Babolat has a range of exceptional rackets for every player, from entry-level players to advanced professionals. One of the best rackets on the market is the Pure Aero – just ask Rafa Nadal! This racket is suited to those who prefer a lighter tennis racket that gives you fantastic power, spin, and stability on the court. It’s made from carbon fiber and features a standard length of 27″.   Another great choice is the Babolat Pure Strike 16/19h. This is my weapon of choice. With this racket’s unique design and technology that offers precise control, you’ll be hitting precise shots with ease. I would say that the Pure Strike is something between a Pure Aero and something like a Wilson Blade in terms of feel. 

Strings: This is where I think there is absolutely no competition. After all, Babolat first and foremost were founded as a string company. There’s a wide range of Babolat strings to choose from, but one of the best on the market is the RPM Blast. This string offers excellent spin and a comfortable feel, making it the go-to choice for many professional players. If you’re after a string that provides more control and precision without sacrificing too much power, then the VS Touch is an excellent option for you. It’s so soft that it forms a pocket for the ball, giving you maximum control on the court.

Shoes: Babolat has a fantastic range of tennis shoes available for both men and women. One of the best options for men is the Jet Mach II All Court Shoe. Its sleek and lightweight design provides maximum cushioning, making it perfect for long rallies and demanding games. I’m also a big fan of the sticky Michelin sole that these come with. If you’re looking for women’s options, the Propulse Blast is a must-have. These shoes offer excellent support, and the ankle brace adds an extra layer of stability, perfect for quick movements.

From t-shirts to shorts, Babolat offers a wide range of high-quality tennis apparel. One of the standout pieces for 2023 is undoubtedly the Core Flag Tee, which provides an excellent look and feel on the court. The Men’s Core Insulated Jacket also worth mentioning – both warm and stylish, its perfect for those chilly early morning practices.

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