Solinco Tennis Gear Guide

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Solinco Tennis Gear Guide

When it comes to tennis gear, Solinco is a name that resonates with both professional athletes and
enthusiastic amateurs.

Known for their high-quality strings, Solinco delved into the racket business in 2022 with the launch of the Blackout and Whiteout frames. According to KT Kim, director of Solinco Sports, “The strings are where we focused and had expertise and where we built our brand. Rackets were always on the dock. We wanted rackets any top-10 player could use. That was the type of quality and performance we were targeting. If we couldn’t get to that point, we wouldn’t have come out with anything.” I take their word for it. Given their success at the string level, much like Babolat, it’s only a matter of time before we see a bunch of pros using these cool rackets. Let’s check out their portfolio of gear.


Solinco Whiteout 305 18×20 – A racket for experienced players, the Whiteout offers an impressive combination of feel and control. The 18×20 is especially valuable for those players looking for clinical targeting without compromising feel. The 40T Carbon Fiber also results in a larger sweet spot for this racket.

Solinco Blackout 300 – the Blackout offers players the pace and spin that you crave in those baseline rallies. Like the Whiteout it also has the 40T Carbon Fiber resulting in a larger sweet spot. However, whereas the Whiteout is for feel and control, the Blackout is your choice for pure, explosive power. Aggressive baseliners will love this racket.


Salinco Hyper-G Soft – if spin is what you’re looking for, look no further. All the spin and none of the shock from traditional poly strings. Solinco Confidential – this is a co-poly string that allows for great control and rewards big and full groundstroke swings from players.


Solinco Whiteout Tour Backpack and Bags – To complement your Whiteout sticks, you get to choose from either a backpack style carrier or a roomier six racket bag, or a 15-racket bag if you’re really in it to win it. Either way, these bags all have a solution to your needs.

Solinco Blackout Tour Backpack and Bags – To complement the blackout series, you have the same setup as in the Whiteout series, a backpack or roomier 6 and 15 racket bags. These black bags are pretty sweet looking, and probably my favorite of the bunch.

Tennis Accessories:

Headbands and wristbands – If you really want to show off on the court, walk in with your Blackout Solinco Racket, black bag and the appropriate wristbands and headbands to match. Your opponent will surely be intimidated before the first point!

Solinco Heaven Grip Overgrip – Improve your grip with the Solinco Heaven Grip Overgrip. Designed for comfort and moisture absorption, this overgrip ensures you maintain a firm hold on your racket even during the most intense rallies.

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