I already miss Roger Federer. I propose these new jobs for him.

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I already miss Roger Federer. I propose these new jobs for him.

The Laver Cup is over and with it Roger Federer’s career.

It was an appropriate venue to send off one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Even though Rafa and Novak hold more Grand Slam titles, Federer seems to have captured more hearts. He will be dearly missed. He was a fixture at the top of the tennis world for 20 years. We don’t have to go into his impressive record. It is well documented. What we can do is dream about Federer 2.0. As fans, we want to see Federer in some sort of tennis or non-tennis role – immediately! This is why we have made a wish list for Federer’s next gig or gigs in life. So, Roger, if you’re reading this, would you consider any of this?

Wimbledon Tournament Director – with a record eight Wimbledon titles, who better to run the most prestigious event in the world than Roger Federer? We would see him present the trophy every year, make any needed improvements and essentially be the caretaker of this wonderful tournament.

Main commentator on Tennis Channel – imagine a day-in and day-out Roger calling matches. With his experience, sense of humor, and sheer likability, ratings would go through the roof!

Coach of Nick Kyrgios – Kyrgios is quite the firecracker. The bad boy in tennis joining up with the lovable boy in tennis would be an amazing partnership. Roger would be able to give Nick the right insights to get back his winning ways against Nadal and Djokovic. Because let’s face it, Nick pretty much owns the rest of the tour.

Rafa Nadal’s hitting partner – what better place for Roger to spend a few years of his life than with his best buddy, Rafa? All hitting sessions could be televised for the world to see. Each session would include a competitive set at the very end. Nadal vs. Federer week in and week out!

Reality Show – this one would stream on Hulu or Netflix. It would follow Roger and his family around, as they meet fans, build the Federer brand and do mundane things such as organize birthday parties for their kids or simply watch them drive them to school!

President of Switzerland – being a statesman would be very fitting for Roger. He looks great in a suit! He’s got a stateman vibe to him already. We’d see him often attending international events, leading the charge on international affairs and addressing the UN. What could be better than that?

Books on tape – hundreds of books being read to you by Roger Federer. Could you ask for anything more?

So, Roger Federer, we have proposed some cool jobs for you. Will you take us up on any of these?

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