Coaching App for the Times We Live In

Coaching App for the Times We Live In

Life as we know has changed due to the Coronavirus, and it’s impossible to know when we will go back to normal. One thing is clear though, social distancing may be here to stay for a while. Luckily, virtual fitness solutions are already here. For example, if you’re a tennis player or coach, TennisPAL has a great virtual coaching feature within its TennisPAL App for our new normal. There’s a lot more to the app than just the virtual coaching piece though.

TennisPAL talked to Coach Paulo Hexsel, a super user of the TennisPAL app, to tell us more. He’s been using the TennisPAL app for years and absolutely loves it. Paulo knows a thing or two about coaching, having played and coached Division 1 tennis, in addition to owning a high-performance tennis academy in Miami. These days he is 100% focused on one to one private instruction in and around Los Angeles.

His success is not only built on his experience as a division 1 player and top coach, but on his ability to rely on the technology of TennisPAL. Many coaches like Paulo are now adopting this app because the core functions allow them to be more effective, on and off the court. For perspective, Coach Paulo is now using the TennisPAL app with a third of his students.

So, what are these “must have” TennisPAL Coach functionalities he loves so much?

1. Video Analysis: Students send Coach Paulo video through the app, and the editing functions allow him to edit, comment, and provide in-depth feedback, all within the app, and share back with students.

2. Access to Community: Coach Paulo loves to host Live Ball sessions in and around LA. TennisPAL allows him to send out alerts to thousands of tennis players, which assures a packed house to every one of his Live Ball sessions.

3. Requests for Lessons: Many private coaches may struggle finding new pupils. Not on the TennisPAL App. Coach Paulo receives monthly requests for private lessons from new Pupils.

4. Ease of Payments: Payments are made easy through TennisPAL, with coaches getting direct deposits of lessons into their bank accounts.

In sum, if you’re a tennis coach, access to the TennisPAL app allows you to be:

• More effective
• Virtual
• At the fingertips of thousands of players

What are you waiting for?


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