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Monitor Your Activities & Revenues

Quickly view and manage your communications, lessons, students, and revenues from the dashboard.

Analyze & Annotate Videos

Give students actionable and constructive feedback on their technique, posture, and game using the video analysis tool.

Manage Your Students

Easily manage your student roster and stay connected.

Chat with Your Students

Enhance the learning experience for your students using messaging and video chat.

Become a Certified Coach Partner on TennisPAL

Reach new students and the active community on the app. Get certified for special perks from TennisPAL. Read How to Become a Certified Coach



Education: The Top Investment for Coaches
Education: The Top Investment for Coaches

Despite the immeasurable amount of time coaches spend teaching their players how to excel on the court, the educational component for bettering themselves is often overlooked in the interest of spending the most time on court possible. In reality, coaching is about...

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What is TennisPAL Coach?

TennisPAL Coach is an app for iPhone and Android that feature gives users access to TennisPAL certified coaches all over the world. Players can search for coaches based on different criteria such as location, level coached, or by name. The players can then easily connect with these coaches through the app and take advantage of video analysis and communication tools to improve their game.

Does TennisPAL Coach work overseas?

TennisPAL Coach works internationally. Users sign up with their local telephone numbers and receive their authentication codes via text.

What languages are supported by TennisPAL?

The app currently only supports English. However, the beauty of this app is that coaches can audio records their comments during the video analysis in any language. The video chat is also another way to communicate with students in any language other than English.

What is my 6-digit passcode?

TennisPAL Coach doesn’t require the users to create a password or try to remember it for each time that they sign into the app. Instead, the app uses an easy, secure, and convenient way of authenticating the users by sending them a unique 6-digit access code each time they try to log into the app. The code is sent via text to the telephone number associated with the coach account.

How does one become a TennisPAL Coach?

TennisPAL coaches have been vetted and approved by the TennisPAL head coach. To become a certified TennisPAL Coach, the first time you try to sign up on the app, you will receive a message notifying you that your request has been received and will be reviewed. The review process may take between 24 hours (on weekdays) and 72 hours (on weekend or holidays). During this period, our head coach will contact you for a short interview before you are approved as a certified TennisPAL Coach.

Can TennisPAL Coach find students on the app?

TennisPAL Coach is a coaching app. Students reach out to the coaches through the companion app, TennisPAL, and the coaches either accept or reject their request. TennisPAL Coaches can advertise their services on the companion app, TennisPAL. For more information about how to market your services, please contact our support team [insert email].

How does the video analysis tool work?

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The Future of Tennis Coaching

""This app will revolutionize the way Tennis coaches do business. This is the future of Tennis Coaching""

Sarah Stone
by: Sarah Stone

Video Analysis Gets Immediate Feedback To Players

""What I personally love about TennisPAL Coach is the benefit of using video analysis in practice and the ability to provide immediate feedback to players.""

Paulo Hexsel
by: Paulo Hexsel