Best ATP Rivalries of 2023

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Best ATP Rivalries of 2023

The ATP tour is off to a wonderful start, and as we continue to be amazed by all the wonderful tennis that is being played week in and week out, I can’t help but notice some nice rivalries continuing to develop. Let’s look the best rivalries in 2023!

 Novak Djokovic vs. Carlos Alcaraz: 

This rivalry is probably the most exciting on the ATP Tour right now. Even though they have only played three matches, each match has been exhilarating to watch. Why wouldn’t you want to watch the GOAT against the future GOAT? Alcaraz at 20 years old already holds two Grand Slam titles and the sky is the limit. Alcaraz currently leads this rivalry 2-1, however, let’s not forget that at 36 Djokovic is still at the very top of his game. More amazing matches are sure to come from these two.

Stefanos Tsitsipas vs. Novak Djokovic

This rivalry has been very one sided, as Novak leads it 11-2. That being said, I have decided to put it as one to watch because Tsitsipas is an outstanding player on the clay and their last two meetings at Roland Garros have gone the distance. It would be nice to see Tsitsipas get through Djokovic en route to a French Open title someday.

Danill Medvedev vs. Novak Djokovic

Before Alcaraz showed up, this rivalry was the best one around. Not that it isn’t anymore, its still highly competitive and fun to watch with Djokovic leading the series 9-5. In Grand Slams, Djokovic leads 2-1 with victories coming at the Australian Open and Medvedev’s victory coming at the US Open. Medvedev’s ranking currently stands at 3 in the world while Djokovic’s ranking is 2 in the world. Their most likely next meeting will be at the US Open semifinals this summer.

Carlos Alcaraz vs. Jannik Sinner

In the last year, Sinner and Alcaraz have given us what I think is the most exciting sets of tennis we have ever seen. This rivalry is dead even at three apiece. Their last three matches have been absolute classics, with an Alcaraz five set win at the 2022 US Open quarterfinals, followed by another highly entertaining Indian Wells two set victory. However, Sinner finally got the best of him at Miami a couple of weeks later. A meeting between these two at the US Open would be fantastic.

Daniil Medvedev vs. Andrey Rublev

The two likable Russians on tour are also pretty good buddies and have been playing each other since they were little kids. Medvedev leads this rivalry 7-3 and won their first four meetings on the ATP Tour. Their last three matches have seen Rublev win at the 2021 Cincinnati Masters and the 2022 ATP Finals. Their last match was own by Medvedev at the Dubai final. We’ll be seen more from these two in 2023, and we’ll expect nothing less than amazing laser sharp groundstrokes from both ends. 

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