2023 US Open – Djokovic King Once Again

AP Photo/Manu Fernandez

2023 US Open – Djokovic King Once Again

Another Grand Slam goes by, and another Grand Slam is won by Novak Djokovic?

Was there any doubt that Djokovic would win his 24th Grand Slam? His family and friends certainly had no doubt – they immediately changed into zip ups with the number 24 embroidered on them. So did Novak!

It seemed that nobody had any answers to Novak during this US Open. Aside from his come from behind victory against compatriot Djere, he won every match with relative ease. In the final, Medvedev came very close to winning the second set. However, he did not take his chance and ended up losing in straight sets just like everyone else. 

The next Grand Slam on his list will be the 2024 Australian Open. He’ll again be the clear favorite. Can anyone derail this 36-year-old that plays like a 26-year-old? At the trophy presentation Medvedev gave him a nod by stating, “You don’t seem to be slowing down.” That’s bad news for the top of the men’s game. With Djokovic around, with his youthful athleticism, hunger, and experience, who knows how many more Grand Slams he can win. 

He’s now tied with Margaret Court at 24. Playing like this, it’s very likely he can win another three or four slams in the next couple of years. He may very well end up with 30 Grand Slams. The sky is the limit with this guy. Think about this, he has won half of his Grand Slams after the age of 30. It’s almost like he’s had two careers. One before thirty and one after thirty. Traditionally, tennis players were considered over the hill after the age of 30, and deemed unlikely to win anything meaningful. Not anymore. 

Federer, Nadal, and now Djokovic have shown us that you can play well into your thirties and win big. 

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